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Synergies aiming at our cultural heritage

By maintaining and strengthening its social profile, Sales Promotion Center becomes a companion with the most creative team, for reinforcing the cultural heritage of our country, the DIAZOMA association. The Sales Promotion Center’s mission is sharing the message of the association DIAZOMA to as many recipients as possible, so that more and more people can realize, every day, the value of our cultural inheritance, but also the power it has in a cultural, social and economic level.

In this context, the main goal is to reach the dynamic target audience of Greek society, ages 18-25, of higher education, who annually exceed 3,000 people; who work with Sales Promotion Center as part timers and to pass on to them, the values and importance of our cultural legacy.

At the same time and apart from to the annual subscription, as a corporate member of DIAZOMA, Sales Promotion Center will provide to the association with one euro for each salary it implements, on behalf of its customers, which annually amount to tens of thousands. In this way, the company simultaneously interconnects all its customers and partners to this purpose.

All these years of experience of Sales Promotion Center, in the field of communication and marketing, will be the main pillar of this synergy, which was inaugurated at an event held at the Benaki Museum on October 30, 2019 with the participation of customers representatives, associates and friends of the Company. The event was honored by the presence of Professor, leading archaeologist and excavator of ancient Messina, Petros Themelis, alongside several MPs and distinguished members of the DIAZOMA association.

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