Colgate Max White Ultimate

Colgate Max White Ultimate, when the glamorous “photographs” the premium

Sales Promotion Center on behalf of Colgate Palmolive Hellas SA, designed and implemented a premium event, on the occasion of the Gold sponsorship of the Colgate Max White Ultimate brand in the big event of Athens Exclusive Designers ’Week (AXDW). The fashion show took place at the old Elliniko airport from 8-12 /06/2020 and was broadcasted digitally, due to the limitations and restrictions to combat Covid -19.

Due to the absence of many visitors to protect themselves against Covid -19, the focus was on the exclusive audience of the event – models, designers and influencers – in order to become “unofficial” brand ambassadors. Thus, we created a landmark stage, which consisted of a special photo shooting corner with 2 themed walls, a) the bathroom side wall and b) the glamorous side wall, which in addition to intense visibility, also became an Instagrammable hot spot. Taking advantage of the intense activation of this audience on social media, the stage emerged as a reference point of the event on many levels, with native posts, photos and TV reportage.

In this mindset, we created an impressive scene with glamorous details, perfectly incorporated to the overall look and feel of the event, which created buzz and boosted the product features, enhancing the WOW feeling of the attendees, therefore making the brand’s participation in this institution unique.


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