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Phygital Promoter

Phygital Promoter – the new way of promotion of JACOBS coffee in the super-market!

Communication touch points for brands have changed, shaping new forms of communication and contact with consumers. JACOBS sought an innovative shopper activation in the context of the new reality, in order to communicate with coffee lovers.

The first Phygital Promoters for JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS brought the revolution to in-store promotion!

In a groundbreaking program implemented for the first time in Greece, consumers had the opportunity to communicate live, real time with remote promoters, without coming into physical contact with them. Communication with consumers took place in the physical stores of AB Vassilopoulos, My Market & Thanopoulos, through an interactive screen, making the most of digital technology and thus combining the physical aspect with the digital environment. The interaction took place via video chat, while the new consumer experience was completed by participating in a competition, with the prize of the favorite JACOBS coffee for a whole year!

B-t-L digitalized activations are now a fact, offering benefits to brands with innovative best practices!


The shopper activation took place in Hyper Markets of the chains AB Vassilopoulos, My Market and Thanopoulos, with the following results:
  • 1.464 contacts – av. 63 people / day / shop
  • 377 participations in the quiz – 1 in 4 consumers approached
  • 142 entries in the competition and
  • 1.206 sales – av. 51 pcs / day / store
* The above results were achieved despite the low traffic of stores, due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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