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Protergia Energy Station

Protergia: A “power station” that Greece adored!

Protergia, the biggest private electricity provider, targeted 4 large regional cities with significant energy consumption and trusted the Sales Promotion Center to deliver.

To this end, we created the Protergia Energy Station that traveled to these cities, as a mobile power station for all, with a Roadshow Activation. Energy for every person, for his electronic devices, but also for his home or business. We created a holistic customer experience aimed at the lead generation.

We turned a classic VW T2 vehicle into a moving energy station, branded it and specially modified it in an attractive energy bar, with a live presence of a barista who offered freshly squeezed “enerjuices” and nutritious energy bars, providing the required boost (of energy) to the attendees, while strengthening the concept of Energy Station, with side activations and branded materials.

Aiming to intervene holistically and decisively to each visiting area, in order to monopolize the interest of local consumers, we supported the Protergia Energy Station with a set of actions before, during and after the end of the roadshow.

The turnout exceeded our expectations; in total we made ~ 3,700 targeted contacts and collected ~ 870 leads, achieving a success rate of ~ 24%, which means that ¼ consumers accepted the phone call, showing interest in being informed about the personalized and fully competitive Protergia packages, for the industry’s standards.


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