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Simple publicity lessons offered by FAMOUS GROUSE!

Based on the “MAKE THESE HOLIDAYS FAMOUS, CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED BOTTLE” concept, COCA COLA 3E assigned to Sales Promotion Center the entire BTL communication of this campaign. These holidays, try something different and make an impression. Choose and create for you and your beloved ones your own personalized bottle!

These holidays, Famous Grouse gave consumers the opportunity to create personalized bottles to send wishes. The procedure was simple. Following the three steps of the tablet application, everyone could easily create a personalized label. The customer could also opt to offer the bottle in a unique holiday package as a gift.

Three kinds of promotion took place, in selected liquor stores, large super-markets and night clubs.

Sales Promotion Center did not only run the promotion planning and execution of the campaign, but it also conducted a retail visibility study and enhanced branding in all places, through designing info kiosks, stands and POP material for Famous Grouse. Moreover, it created the personalized bottle application and provided all necessary technical support during the promotion.

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Sales Promotion Center